Legacy Mortgages


Buying property can be stressful, not only do you need to find the right property to suit your needs, arrange building inspections, then make a strong oer in order to be successful or outbid auction competition. On top of all this you need to have your finances arranged in order for the property purchase to go ahead. Having a mortgage broker can be a strong asset while navigating through the tiresome process of working with the banks and applying for a mortgage.

Fixed or Floating?

There are a lot of important aspects to take into consideration such as finding the lowest interest rates, whether to go for a fixed or floating rate, which bank is best suited to your needs - it’s not always the bank you’ve been loyal to for the longest, highlighting fees that can be avoided and therefore how much savings there are to be had.

Mortgage Specialist

We understand that getting a mortgage isn’t an easy task for everyone. It can be especially challenging if you’ve had a dicult credit history, are self-employed, or have previously been bankrupted. If the mainstream banks have rejected you then we are here to help. Our second tier-lending specialist will work tirelessly to get you the mortgage you need.

Mortgage Advisors

Regardless of whether you are a first home buyer, property investor or looking to renovate an existing property, Legacy can assist you down this path. We have a team of highly experienced mortgage advisors who will work tirelessly to set you up with the best mortgage option for you.

Book a mobile advisor

Our friendly and experienced advisors can call in for a chat any time that suits you - during or outside of working hours is fine with us.