Funeral Cover

Many cultures recognise the significance of a funeral within the grieving process, but to Maori and many other Polynesians the unveiling of the headstone that follows months later is just as important. This is an opportunity to reinforce the bonds forged during the funeral and to ensure that a legacy engraved in stone is cemented in the hearts of the living. For the first time in New Zealand, Legacy Life has created a funeral insurance plan where you have the option of putting some of the money aside for a future unveiling ceremony.


What you need to know

Optional Unveiling Cover

You decide what portion of the total sum insured will be used for your funeral and/or your unveiling. You can take out cover for both funeral and unveiling or just one of them. You choose.

Triple Cover for Death By Accident

From the day we receive your completed application form you are covered for three times the Funeral Plan sum insured amount in the event of death by accident.

Cover For Death By Natural Causes

As we ask nothing about your health, full life cover will commence two years after the commencement date. Should you die by natural causes within the first two years all Funeral Plan premiums paid will be refunded.

Free Look Period

You have a 30 day risk free, no obligation period. If you decide for any reason that this policy is not right for you, you can cancel within 30 days and receive a 100% refund of any premiums paid.

Payment Within 48 Hours

Funeral Plan claims will normally be paid out within 48 hours of a claim being accepted. If you allocate part of your cover for an unveiling, this portion will be paid at either 6 or 10 months after death.

10% Joint Partner Discount

If you and your partner take out cover you’ll both receive a 10% discount as long as you have a joint policy.

Are There Any Policy Exclusions?

The following exclusion(s) apply within the first 24 months.

i. Participating in a criminal act; or

ii. Self-inflicted harm (whether sane or insane); or

iii. Serving in the armed forced of any country or organisation; or

iv. Any war like activities (whether war is declared or not).

Cancelling Your Policy

Cancelling your policy is as easy as calling us. Any premiums paid up to that point are non-refundable.