What Drives Us

At home

Like many New Zealanders, the people behind Legacy Life have their own stories about how life or health insurance has had an impact upon them – and their families – when they have had the misfortune of being struck by illness, injury or the untimely death of a loved one.

These tangible personal connections help us to understand the true value of protecting the financial security of your family. That’s what drives us.

Very few people would own a home without having the requisite insurance to cover a random event such as fire. Imagine the disastrous result of an accidental fire on an uninsured house – if all that was left was 25 years of mortgage debt, the burden and stress placed on a family would be incredibly heavy.

An uninsured person, with 25 years of work left in them, is in a very similar position.

If, due to illness, injury or death, that person’s financial contribution to a family’s income and wealth accumulation is interrupted, then the family will inevitably face a great struggle.

Ensuring these families don’t struggle is one thing that drives us.

In business

The New Zealand business landscape is dominated by small to medium-sized companies that are often led by self-starting go getters who push through cash flow obstacles to carve out sustainable businesses in small competitive markets.

The vision, perseverance and self-belief of these people ultimately creates an asset. Despite the hard work that goes into creating a successful business, these assets are often woefully unprotected.

When there are two or more shareholders in a business, any interests in an asset can come under unnecessary dispute if one of the shareholders dies or becomes permanently disabled.

Preserving the integrity of business relationships is another thing that drives us.