Why Insure?

Be prepared for a rainy day

If the income stream provided by either you or your partner ceased tomorrow what would happen? If you have mortgage insurance the house would be saved, but for how long? With only one wage coming in could you really afford to support your current household without a dramatic change in lifestyle, would the house you love become a millstone around your neck?

If you have young children will they have to spend longer and longer periods in childcare facilities so you can work the hours necessary to maintain some semblance of the lifestyle you previously took for granted? 

Serious injury or death is always going to have a profound effect on loved ones, but there is something that you can do to ensure that their grief is given the time it needs to heal, without the immediate concerns of funeral expenses and the on-going pressures financial hardship.

How can we help you?

Understanding the various life insurance products available and deciding how much cover is necessary for your family can be complicated. Talking to a Legacy Life advisor will help to clarify the options available and define the solution that best suits your particular circumstances. See our Insurance Portfolio here.

Mobile Advisors

Our friendly and experienced advisors can come to you. Book an appointment online (link to booking form) now and we can call in for a chat any time that suits. Such is the dedication of our advisors, they will see you when it works best for you be it normal working hours or not.